Want to learn more about Work In Wine? Here are some of our frequently asked questions!

For Employers

I posted my job, why isn't it showing up?

It can some time for the system to process requests and get a job on the job board. Please wait at least 30 minutes, if you continue to have issues, please contact us.

How much does a job posting cost?

For a limited time, standard job postings on work in wine are absolutely free.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes. We use one of the leading payment processors, Stripe, to handle all payments at Work In Wine. The Work In Wine team will never see any personal information that is put into the payment processor, only amounts that have been spent.

What is a standard post vs a featured post?

A Standard Post is a basic posting on the Work In Wine job board. It will show up everywhere on the website where it meets the filter and search criteria of the user.
A Featured Post is styled differently than a Standard Post. It is pinned to the the top of any list where it meets the search criteria and has a featured badge, greatly increasing the chances of it being seen by qualified job searchers.

How long do job postings stay up?

No matter the level of posting you choose, your job will be visible on the Work In Wine job board for 30 days from the day it is posted

Where do candidate applications go?

Candidate applications will be sent to the email that is used when creating the job posting.